CBSE Schools in Hyderabad Introduce Sports as Part of Teaching

According to rules under Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE), schools affiliated to CBSE are going to assign 15% weightage as part of maximum grade points in final examinations. Close to 20 schools are going take part in the process. They have added in report cards, physical education as a subject.

In view of the increasing importance given to physical education given by the CBSE for developing skills among students, the new norms are said to have got wide acceptance among guardians.

With passage of time, the number schools joining the initiative is going to increase in the next academic year.

The students are going to be examined on the basis of a scale with 10 points over a period of six months. Qualified physical education trainers from reputed organizations conducting fitness training programmes are to update the data regarding individual child’s fitness standards.

Parents have expressed it as good for the healthy growth of children in view of the space for sports and games getting less. Further, children are increasingly getting used to high-caloried food, and the initiative of sports by the schools is expected to be useful for the over-all health of children.