Obesity in Hyderabad City – Highest of all Metropolitans

According to a couple of studies executed by National Institute of Nutrition, 15% of school-going children in the city suffer from obesity. Junk food is said to be prime reason. Later in their life 85% of these children will be suffering from obesity, get diabetic, with type-2.

Lifestyles involving jobs with little or no exercise, shops selling high calorie food, unwillingness to take home-made food are said to be the factors causing large number of obese people in the city.

There is also risk of heart disorders, colon cancer, osteoarthritis, sleep disturbances and the like. Significantly, such people have low self-respect, and are diffident.

Unhealthy food habits are said to be responsible to make Hyderabad having the highest number of obese people. The number of obese people across India is estimated at 12 crores.