Groundwater Threat in the City

A research taken up by Indian researchers from the department of engineering geology and hydrogeology, RWTH Aachen University (German University) on the scarcity of groundwater in Hyderabad found that the groundwater degradation in Hyderabad is increasingly dirty and is far from recoverable level.

The reason for groundwater degradation is due to rapid urbanisation and heavy pressure on water resources in the city and also due to reduced recharge, limited potential of hard rock aquifers and the resource is being tapped from deeper depths.

According to WHO, per capita consumption of water in the city is 200 litres, but the city is consuming 96.2 litres, which is not a good sign, inappropriate use is a threat to groundwater, due to which in future high level of contamination will be found in groundwater.

The researchers have pointed out that the rising scarcity of water has led to many issues related to sufficient water supply, water financing, sustainability of economic development, equity and social justice, pricing, governance and management.

In Hyderabad, 11% of the households are dependent on water tankers and 46% are dependent on private tankers. Non-implementation of groundwater is the prime reason for degradation.

Source: Deccan Chronicle