Post Sankranthi Precautions – For Non-Kite Flyers

Sankranthi, the three day festival, was celebrated with great pomp and joy by the citizens of Hyderabad. They celebrated as they did it every year with kids and adults, enjoying kite fights. The womenfolk were busy in shopping, decorating houses with colourful rangolies, preparing special dishes and the like.

Though the festival and festive mood is over, the remains of Sankranthi are still in the air. I’m not talking about leftover sweets and snacks, but about the cut-off kites that are still stuck in the electric wires and trees of the city. This is a usual scenario in Hyderabad, at least for a week following the festival. The local Hyderabadis are pretty much aware of this situation, but not so are the non-kite flyers and non-natives. They may notice cut-off kites, but they are not aware of the dangers that surround these kites. The following are dangers posed by the cut-off kites and precautions to be taken.

Post Sankranthi Precautions

  • A few cut-off kites will have manja (a sharp and tough thread that is used to cut kites in kite duels). Though the kites are stuck above the ground level, the manjas may hang overhead. They may hurt motorists, if they fail to notice them. As they are sharp enough to cut the skin, motorists have, therefore, to take care, while riding through the lanes.
  • You may also find loose thread on the roads which might get stuck between your foot. Don’t panic or don’t shout at the kids or people around. Be cool and carefully remove the thread. Don’t pull it hard, it may hurt your hands.

  • If you find any kites hanging to the electric pole near your balcony, don’t try to get it by stretching out from your balcony. It could be extremely dangerous.
  • Never attempt to break manjas, especially plastic manjas with you hand. Better use scissors.
  • Keep an eye on your kids, as they tend to collect the stuck kites by throwing stones to the tress and electric wires.

Non-kite flyers need to keep these precautions in mind for at least a week following Sankranthi, to stay safe.

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