Skywalks at Hyderabad Metro Stations to Connect to Important Places

The Hyderabad Metro Rail Limited (HMR) has come up with a plan to connect skywalks to offices, commercial and residential buildings, and educational institutions or even to public complexes that lead to overhead metro station.

Having skywalks at metro station will become very convenient for the metro users, as they can straight away walk towards their respective destinations without getting on the road, this will save a lot of their time.

However, walking through the skywalk will not be free. The HMR, Managing Director has stated that, it wants private buildings to bear 50 per cent of the total cost.

Along the 72km stretch of the elevated metro rail, a proposal of 66 overhead metro stations and over 200 skywalks are expected to be built. In addition to these, it will also have lifts, escalators and staircases that will link to the roads and to the concourse and the platform.

Source: The Hindu