Wholesale Markets in Hyderabad – Know Where to Shop What at Best Prices in the City

Apart from its popular cosmopolitan nature, culture, good institutions, Hyderabad is popular for its wholesale markets that not only cater to city population but actually serve the needs of people hundreds of kilometres away from Hyderabad.

For example, we have pearl market and people living outside Hyderabad or outside India won’t leave the city without purchasing pearls. But, pearls are neither manufactured nor grown in Hyderabad, but it has gained popularity because of the markets in Hyderabad. There are wholesale markets for pearls that offer a wide range in pearls and you get to see the sellers or buyers coming to Hyderabad either to sell or buy pearls.
The markets in Hyderabad are unique and are many dated back to 400 years, when the city under the rule of Quli Qutub Shah was a world famous trade centre for rare diamonds and pearls.

Goods or items are available at a very reasonable price in wholesale markets when compared to retail markets. There are many wholesale markets in Hyderabad for purchasing a variety of goods such as textiles, pearls, bangles, brassware, silver and gold ornaments, precious stones, carpets, handicrafts, paintings, toys, electrical items and a lot more is available at cheaper prices.

Few of the wholesale markets that are famous across the world in Hyderabad are Begum Bazar, Madina market, Ranigunj, Laad Bazar, Sultan Bazar and many more. You name it you get it. You get everything in these wholesale markets. The streets of these markets are very busy and are usually crowded with people purchasing number of goods.

Importance of wholesale markets in Hyderabad city – Ultimately a city is a market, everybody comes to the city because of it. City offers great opportunity for trading – all the buying power is in the city, income generating people are in the city, hence, markets are economically viable in the city.

People don’t go to villages to purchase goods, but come to city – It is not the source of product, but the market that is important, as it is where a product is traded and distributed. People don’t go to sea shore to get pearls nor they go to mines to get diamonds. For instance, there are few villages which are typical to production of only one type (native) of goods, like Vijayawada market, where people buy and sell only agriculture related products or markets in weavers villages (like Pochampalli, Chirala, Gadwal), where people buy and sell only textiles.

People want a central place where they can get all the things (irrespective of the place produced) which they need, that is what a wholesale market in the city is about. Whatever may be the occasion or need, people from all districts come to Hyderabad to buy various things.

City allows centralized trading at a single location – villagers and other businessman move to city to do business, as village markets have no system, have monopoly (biased and authoritative) and are not economically viable as there is no one to buy there. This significantly improves the efficiency of distribution of goods, which is very much advantageous for manufacturers.

Hyderabad markets are not replicated – You cannot find any other similar market in AP – if you don’t get a thing in Hyderabad, probably, you won’t get that thing anywhere else in AP. People from all districts across AP come to sell and purchase goods in the markets of Hyderabad.

A city has to be a market. Because of commerce and trading, infrastructure is build in the city, the city becomes economically viable, people get jobs and the standard of living improves.

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