Aadhaar Card not Mandatory for LPG Consumers

As per government sources there is no need to submit Aadhaar card details at respective gas agencies by the LPG consumers. According to earlier norms, 12 lakh Aadhaar cards have to be issued before 15th Feb 2013 which is pretty hard for government to issue the cards. However there is no such proposal have been made by the government.

He also ordered LPG dealers and company representatives to promote this message to public via media, ration shops, cable network etc. to remove confusion among consumers. It is also clarified that, there is no link between welfare/government schemes and Aadhaar cards.

It is the duty of the gas agencies and companies not to force the consumers to provide Aadhaar details as well as they should inform people that submission of the card is not mandatory for getting subsidized cylinders.

Source: Deccan Chronicle

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