Submit Aadhaar Details before 15 February 2013 to get Subsidized Cylinders

Gas agencies have stopped supplying cylinders to LPG consumers who booked their cylinders on or before 17th January 2013 due to the sudden decision by centre to hike on subsidized cylinders from 3 to 5 till 31st March.

Gas agencies are saying that they need new software to implement new criteria decided by centre as well as to record the number of cylinders which have been used from 12th September 2012 – when the centre first took decision to give only 3 subsidized cylinders till 31st March 2013.

Rise in subsidized cylinders created confusion
Many people who are confused about the delay in cylinders supply are going to gas agencies to inquire about the situation. HPCL and Indane consumers who booked their refills last month are still in queue to get cylinders. For some consumers, cash receipts for cylinders are already generated and sent to respected person mobiles via SMS, but still cylinders are not supplied to them.

Bookings that were made earlier also cancelled by gas agencies without specifying any reason. Gas agencies are saying that, they are cancelling bookings to facilitate subsidized cylinders for those consumers who already exhausted their quota of three subsidized cylinders in January.

To get subsidized cylinders from this year, consumers should submit their Aadhaar Card numbers before 15th February.

Source: Deccan Chronicle