Hyderabad Ranked 5th in Receiving Highest Foreign Donations

According to sources, Hyderabad has ranked 5th in receiving foreign donations amounting to Rs 325 crore every year. However, experts are saying that this money is never spent or properly utilized for the intended purposes. Instead it is spent on establishment expenditure, rural development purposes, construction of schools, and welfare of children. Thus, city or any organization that receives large sums of donations need to be investigated to prevent misuse. However, donors regularly check these things but state machinery should keep an eye on these organizations in terms of regulatory measures.

India gets a total of Rs 10,334 crore to NGOs as foreign donations. Of this, Andhra Pradesh receives Rs 1,176 crore because of presence of more number of NGOs only after Tamil Nadu. In AP, around 2,265 associations are there, and three districts namely, Hyderabad, Krishna, and Anantapur districts are considered the top 15 recipients in the country.

Bengaluru tops as recipient of foreign donation with Rs 774 crore, followed by Chennai(Rs 772 crore), Mumbai(Rs 643 crore). Delhi receives most foreign donations than Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Maharashtra.

Sources Donating Funds to India
The United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany are the three top countries donating funds to India. United States donated Rs 3,260 crore. Even countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan with Rs 1.74 crore donating to Indian NGOs.

Top donating agencies are Compassion International Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation of USA, HCL Holdings of Mauritius, Population Service International and Action Aid of UK.

However, foreign donations have declined a little over the past: Rs 10,337 crore in 2009 decreased to Rs 10,334 crore in 2010-2011.

Source: Deccan Chronicle