India Resetting – Status and Influence May Not Protect You

We are seeing many influential people who misused their powers getting caught and punished in the last few years. Neither their status nor their influence is protecting them. Right from businessmen to big ministers, everybody is vulnerable and likely to get punished. While their success and riches may have been made easily, these people are running from pillar to post and dealing with anxiety and stress as they try to get out of their current situation.

While those who are in position of power, or influence or those made money genuinely are not facing such hardships. It goes on to prove that getting successful in the right way is as important or even more important than only being successful.

Remember you cannot do wrong and get away today. Satyameva Jayate (Truth alone prevails). Here is a list of all the influential people who were sent to jail for misusing their powers.

India Resetting – Status & Influence May Not Protect You (As of Nov 2012)
# Name of the Person Status Influence Arrested In Year Approximate Days Spent in Jail Charges Comments
1 A Raja Union Cabinet Minister Ex-Telecom Minister 2011 15 Months 2G spectrum Out on Bail
2 Siddharth Behura Union Secretary Ex-Telecom Secretary 2011 15 Months 2G spectrum Out on Bail
3 Amar Singh MP Secretary of Samajwadi party & Member of Rajya Sabha 2011 2 Months Cash For Vote Scam Out on Bail for health issues – Yet to be Known
4 Kanimozhi MP DMK party, Rajya sabha Tamilnadu Mp 2011 6 Months & 4 Days 2G scam Out on Bail
5 Suresh Kalmadi MP & Chair person of Common Wealth Games Congress chief – Common Wealth Games (CWG) 2011 9 Months CWG scam & Corruption Out on Bail
6 YS Jagan Mohan Reddy MP YSR congress party president 2012 6 Months Money laundering & disproportionate assets Still in Prison
7 Yedurappa CM Ex – CM of Karnataka 2011 25 Days Corruption & l& denotification scam Out on Bail
8 HD Kumara Swamy CM & JDS Leader EX – CM of Karnataka & President of Janata dal 2011 1 month L& Scam & Illegal Mining Out on Bail
9 Madhukoda CM Ex – CM of Jharkhand 2009 2 Yrs Money Laundering & Mining scam Out on Bail
12 Katta Subramanya Naidu Minister Ex- IT-BT minister from Karnataka 2011 5 Months Land scam & Corruption Out on Bail
13 Suresh Jain Minister Ex – Minister of Maharashtra & Member of Shiv SenaParty(MLA) 2012 8 months Criminal conspiracy & cheating(District co-operative bank), Gharkul Housing scam Still in Prison
14 R Balakrishna Pillai Minister Kerala Congress chief & Ex-Minister for Transport & Electricity 2011 2 Months & 9 Days Corruption Set free
15 Sukhram Minister Ex – Telecom Minister 2011 12 Days Telecom scandal & Corruption Out on Bail(Yet to be Known)
10 Mopidevi Venkat Ramana Minister Infrastructure & Investment in YSR Govt 2012 6 Months Involvement in illegal assets of Jagan scam or VANPIC land Acquisition Still in Prison
11 Gali Janardhan Reddy Karnataka Cabinet Minister & owner of OMC Ex – Minister Tourism & Infrastructure, Karnataka 2011 14 Months OMC mining Still in Prison
16 Pattabhi Rama Rao Judge CBI Court Special Judge 2012 3 months Accepting bribe in case of Janardhan Reddy bail Out on Bail
17 Pradeep Shukhla IAS Officer Revenue Board Member 2012 3 months Involvement in National rural health scam(NRHM) Released from jail & presently working as a Revenue board member
18 VD Rajagopal IAS Officer AP Mines Director 2011 11 Months OMC Mining & Corruption Still in Prison
19 Y Srilakshmi IAS Officer IAS Officer 2011 9 Months OMC mining Out on Bail
20 Ramalinga Raju Business Magnate Head of Satyam services 2009 32 Months Cheating & Falsification accounts Out on Bail