Telugu must on Shopping Malls Boards

As per labour department of state government orders, shops and commercial establishments have to display their shops name in Telugu by Ugadi under section 29 (13) of Hyderabad municipal Act. If they fail to do so, necessary action is to taken against these shops under section 61 (2). The government may also issue notices to shopping malls located in Greater Hyderabad limits to display their names in Telugu.

At first, the department will issue notices to 150 big shopping malls in the city saying that to display their names in Telugu by allowing them a time limit. Later, senior officials will regularly inspect shops whether shop owners are following their rules or not.

According to sources of labour department, government will stringent action against shop owners who ignore to implement the proposal. It is also said that displaying names in Telugu has a legal aspect but some shop owners are displaying Telugu names in a corner of the board making ones in English a prominent, which is not at all a right thing. Shop-owners can display their shop names in other languages but after the Telugu name.

Source: New Indian Express