AP Textile Traders on Strike against VAT

The city textile shops are closed for more than 10 days and it are expected to continue for a few more days. Textile traders demand the government to withdraw VAT on textiles.

Across state, textile traders are protesting against the government on the removal of Value Added Tax (VAT) on textiles.

According to the Andhra Pradesh Federation of Textile Associations (APFTA), the traders are paying several taxes to the government and paying for VAT is an added burden on the textile community.

The traders have undertaken hunger strike, bike rally, candle light march, chalo Hyderabad and various other methods to protest against VAT.

No other state in the country has levied VAT on textile products. It will ultimately hit the common man.

Textile traders have decided not to end their agitation against VAT until the government withdraws VAT on textiles.

Source: The Hindu