Cancer Registry in City Very Soon

In order to know the causes af cancer of different part of body, government is planning to maintain a cancer registry in Hyderabad for collection of comprehensive data on all types of cancers. This will help authorities know more about the disease.

It is learnt that, India reports nearly 12 lakh new cancer cases every year out of which 1.2 lakh cases are from Andhra Pradesh.

All metropolitan cities in the country are maintaining their population based cancer registries. In India there are 27 population based cancer registries. Except for Hyderabad, all metros are covered.

The project of population based cancer registries is likely to begin this year in Hyderabad. Cancer registry of Greater Hyderabad will cover the nearby municipalities and will be one of the biggest ones to cover area wise.

The cancer registry of Greater Hyderabad based on population will be maintained by Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences (Nims). The data collected will be used to examine referral pattern, figure out survival rates, measure quality of life and efficacy of treatment modalities.

Source: The Hindu