Beware of Fake E-mails in the Name of RBI

Beware if you get an e-mail from the India’s central bank, asking you to give details of your bank account to secure with the RBI, it is most likely to be fake. RBI says it is not sending any e-mails to online banking customers to give their account details nor has it developed any such software that secures online accounts.

The e-mail says that RBI has launched new software for security system, asking online banking customer to click on a link that has the list of banks. After choosing your bank, it asks for account details, card number and also the secret three-digit CVV number.

These e-mails have RBI logo on them and they look so neat that for once you might think that it is not fake and you actually received it from RBI. Well, it’s just a trap and don’t fall into the trap of conmen, who are trying to lure people in the name of RBI, so that they can get your account details and get away with your hard earned money.

The RBI cautioned people on not to give a call to such e-mails and it also does not have any mail id with

With online fraud on rise, awareness among people should be increased on such issues. The RBI is planning for a big pan-India publicity campaign to educate and aware people on such scams and not to respond to such e-mails or messages.

Source: The Times of India