Parks in Hyderabad to be Closed for Security Reasons

The Buddha Purnima Project Authority (BPPA) has been closed to public because of security reasons.

There are 12 CCTV cameras but are not functional. The Lumbini Park, the Sanjeevaiah Park, the NTR Gardens have been closed. They will be opened when the security infrastructure is functional again.

Earlier, bombs were found planted in parks in the country, for instance, Central Park in New Delhi in 2008. The recent bomb blast in Dilsukhnagar in the city has prompted BPPA to close the parks, until they are safe for sure.

According to official sources, it was negligence on BPPA’s part that caused bomb blast in Lumbini Park in 2007.

Only four of the cameras monitor visitors in the parks. The door frames metal detectors (DMFD) in parks is also not functional. The equipment are said to be so close to a year.

Thousands of visitors and families from different parts of the city and beyond come to these parks every day. The numbers on weekends are thus: 12,000 to the Lumbini Park, 15,000 to the NTR Garden and 2,000 to the Sanjeevaiah Park.

Source: TOI