Cool Your House by Applying Coolant on the Rooftop

Summer in Hyderabad is becoming unbearably hot. Single storey buildings and apartment flats on the top floors have already started giving the feel of hot furnace. Since they take sun’s heat directly, they are hotter than the flats in the lower floors and you can feel the heat even in the evening till late in the night.

Why apply coolant
If you are one of those living in a house whose rooftop takes the direct heat, you need to definitely consider applying coolant on the rooftop. Applying coolant on rooftop reduces the room temperature by 3°C to 5°C. Typically, coolant contains lime which has the ability to resist sun’s heat.

It’s better to apply coolant even if you have an air conditioner. Coolant reduces your indoor air temperature. Reduced air temperature means less use of air coolers or air conditioners and obviously less energy consumption and more savings on electricity bills.

How to apply coolant – Preparing the surface
Before applying coolant, the surface should be washed thoroughly with clean water. Make sure that there are no dust particles, oil or grease sticking to the rooftop. With cleaned surface, it becomes easy for you to apply the coolant.

Mixing the solution
A typical coolant packet contains a white powder (limestone) and some cooling crystals. You need to mix these things with water to make a smooth paste. Use a big bucket to mix it. The quantity of water and coolant to be used varies form one company to another, it is better to check the instructions mentioned on the coolant’s pack. Remember, don’t use your hand for mixing the coolant; use a stick to mix.

Applying the coolant
It is advisable to apply coolant in the early hours of the day between 6 am and 8 am, when the weather is cool. It becomes difficult to apply after 8 am; this is when sun really starts heating up – remember, it is summer.

The surface should be semi-dried (little wet) when you are applying the coolant. Use a bigger brush to apply, because applying with small brush will take a lot of your time and effort.

After you have completed applying the coolant, let it dry for at least 24 hours. The next day, in the morning hours, apply the second coat of coolant on a semi-dried surface. It is necessary to apply the second coat; otherwise it will not be that effective.

For the coolant to work effectively curing with water should be done for at least 3 continuous days, otherwise, there are chances of the coolant coming out.

Rooftop coolant is generally available in hardware shops. Surya Cool and some other local brands are available in Hyderabad. The good thing about the rooftop coolant is that it is inexpensive. Surya Cool costs around Rs 180 for 5 kg bag. You can get local products like Pawan, Star at Rs 140 to Rs 160 for 5 kg bag. You may require around 4 bags for a 150 sq. yard rooftop.

Hope, this article helps you keep your house cool.