No Hike in Power Tariff for Upto 200 Units

The government has decided not to hike power tariff for users whose number of units consumed is 200 or less. This is equal to the tariff in 2012-13.

The relaxation is likely to cause a burden of Rs 830 crore on the government.

The measure is said to be a relief for 1.86 crore domestic power consumers. The total number is two crore.

The APERC had decided to raise the tariff for all category consumers, whose number of units exceeded 50.

The new charges are shown in the following panel.

No of Units Consumed Tariff in Rs
50 or less 1.45
51 to 100 2.6
101-200 3.6

No hike has been enforced for 2.16 crore domestic and agricultural consumers.

The cost of providing service per unit is said to be Rs 5.25.

The government is, reportedly, taking care not to enforce any fuel surcharge adjustment (FSA).

Source: New Indian Express

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