Consumers to Pay More for Power Consumption from April

Beginning with the April electricity bills, consumer will have to pay more, as the CPDCL (Central Power Distribution Company Limited) will be collecting Rs 0.82 paise per unit against FSA (Fuel Surcharge Adjustment) for the second quarter of 2012-13.

With the March bill consumers have completed paying for the second financial quarter of 2010-11. The April, May and June electricity bills will also have the FSA for October 10 – July 12, November 10 – August 12 and December 10 – September 12.

With the additional FSA, consumers using more than 200 units per month are likely to pay around Rs 1,000 as their monthly bill.

The APERC (Andhra Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission) in the last month had given clearance for collection of FSA for the second quarter 2012-13. The FSA burden on the whole state is nearly Rs 750 crore, the CPDCL collection will be nearly Rs 400 crore from the consumers in the coming three months.

Source: The Times of India