How to Protect Garden Plants this Summer?

Summer has arrived and with it comes different chores, and one such is protecting your home garden plants from summer heat. With rise in temperature, it becomes very hard for the plants to survive. Just like how we take extra precautions to stay cool and protected during summers, plants also need some special care.

In this article, we will discuss on how to take proper care and protect your plants at home so that they can survive the heat. Let’s take a look.

Protect soil from drying-up – Do mulching
Soil in the pots is the only medium which can hold and supply water for the plants. During summers, plants need more water than usual. As continuous supply of water is not possible all the time, if we can, at least, protect the soil from drying-up, it helps the plant get required amount of water.

Protecting soil from drying up can be done by applying mulch. Mulch is a layer of material used to cover top layer of the soil. This layer prevents the water from evaporation and thus conserves moisture.

A mulch material could be organic and inorganic. Organic mulch includes natural materials such as plant bark, pine needles, straw, grass clippings, compost, wood chips, leaves, paper, etc. Inorganic mulch includes gravel, stones, plastic nuggets, landscape fabrics and the like. It is however better to use organic materials as they add nutrients to the soil. Mulched plants are healthier, weed-free and drought resistant compared to normal plants.

Protect plants from direct heat – Provide shade
Few plants can withstand extreme heat, but some cannot. Such plants should be protected from direct sun heat and light. Trees like Adavi Ganneru, Mango and Guava do not need protection from sun light. Try to place your heat sensitive plants under these plants to provide partial protection. You can also move the plants to the shady areas in your house.

If you don’t have shady areas, you can provide temporary protection using green shade cloths. Install a shade cloth 6-8 feet above the plants with the help of sticks. The cloth protects the plants from getting burnt by cutting down the sun’s intensity, by creating cool and shadier environment.Fairy garden

You can also do it for individual plants. Just insert a long stick in the centre of the plant and tie the shade cloth around in a form of a conical cap. You just need to sprinkle some water on the cloth to give enough moisture to the plant.

Water plants at regular intervals
Just like how we tend to take more water and fluids in summer, plants do need more water. Based on the outside temperature you need to plan your water schedule. Instead of pouring lot of water at a time or twice, better to give limited water every 2-3 hours or whenever the soil gets dried up. Also sprinkle some water on the leaves to reduce the heat.

These techniques will help you protect your plants during summer. Enough care and observation is essential to ensure plants are safe and healthy.

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