Split AC Vs. Window AC

Are you planning to buy an AC and like many others, are you confused on what to choose – a Split AC or a Window AC? Well, then, don’t worry, this article will help you make an informed decision.

This article covers most of the things that you want to know about Split AC and Window AC, like the installation costs, space occupied, cooling efficiency, maintenance, etc. Take a look at the comparison table below to get clarity.

Parameter Split Air Conditioners Window Air Conditioners
Initial cost and installation Installation costs more, as you need to install two units – one is the indoor unit and the other is the outdoor unit. This process of installation is expensive and requires professionals to do the job. Installation is less expensive, easier and significantly cheaper when compared to Split AC. You can do it by yourself, all you need is the help of an electrician.
Design It consists of two components: compressor and condenser form the external unit; they are installed outside the room, while the expansion valve and the evaporator coil is part of the indoor AHU (Air Handling Unit), they are installed inside the room. It is a single unit and is installed half inside and half outside a window. The portion that is outside the room consists of compressor and condenser, and the inside portion consists of evaporator/control panel.
Space Occupies more space when compare to Window AC. Window ACs come in small sizes and occupy less space.
Aesthetics Aesthetically pleasing and is available in various designs, colours and they look sleek. Modern window AC looks quite modern because of its digital displays.
Cooling Efficiency Cools the room faster and is suitable for big rooms, halls and offices. The indoor blowers can blow the air up-to 30-40 feet away which allows the split AC to cool faster as the heat producing units are outside the room. Depending on insulation, adequacy of tonnage for the area it is cooling, and running condition of the components in the AC. They are suitable for small offices and homes.
Energy Efficiency Both Split and Window AC consume almost the same number of units. Both ACs use the same amount of electricity to cool a given area, the difference between the two is very marginal.
Noise Quieter because the noise producing components are outside the room. You can hardly hear any noise. Window ACs are noisy when compared to split ACs. But there are many latest window ACs available in the market that come with noise absorbers, which relatively make less noise.
Servicing / Maintenance Trouble-shooting and may require technical help. Easy to service as all components are compactly designed.
Cooling Power Has no such restrictions on cooling capacity. Restricted up-to 2 ton capacity, it doesn’t go beyond that capacity.
Size of area for cooling No restrictions in the size of the area that can be cooled. Suitable for cooling areas which are less than 300 sq. ft.
Best suited for… Can be used for cooling large rooms, window less rooms, commercial places, office spaces and wedding halls. Best suited for single rooms in apartments, small offices, workshops, small or medium size rooms and rooms having windows that are designed to accommodate window AC’s.

I am sure after reading this article, your confusion on which AC to purchase is almost over and you are able to choose the one best suited for your requirements.

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