How to Use Air Coolers Effectively

Air coolers are commonly used in houses and small shops as they are less expensive and consume less energy when compared to A/Cs. Air coolers are easy to install and can be shifted from one place to another as per your requirements.

In our earlier article, we discussed on how to clean air cooler and maintain the cleanliness regularly, so that it works effectively. Now, in this article we will discuss on how to use air cooler to get the most out of it.

To get the maximum performance from your air cooler, we recommend you to follow these instructions. Please check them out.

Things to consider while using air coolers

    • Air coolers work best when the back of the air cooler is placed near an open window. So that air from outside is drawn into the air cooler and fresh air circulates in the room.
    • Make sure to close all other windows and doors and have an exhaust fan fitted on a ventilator, close to the ceiling. A room without ventilation will make the place warm, as the humid air is recycled.

  • Exhaust fan removes the humidity from the room. This increases the comfort level.
  • Make sure water in the tank is above minimum water level mark. If no water, then it won’t cool your room.
  • Running the air cooler with too little water may cause pump failure. So, make sure there is enough water in the air cooler.
  • Once in a month drain all the water in the air cooler. All the accumulated dust can be cleaned up.
  • Try adding ice cubes in the water tank, it enhances the cooling performance. Some air coolers have a separate unit for putting ice cubes.
  • Do not sleep directly in front of air cooler. Try to keep a distance of 7-8 feet.
  • Avoid running air cooler using stale water. The room will smell foul.
  • Use Lizol or Savlon in the water. It disinfects the water. It also gives good smell.
  • When cooler is not in use, store it in a dry place out of direct sunlight.

Hope, this piece of information has helped you find an appropriate place for your air cooler and your room is much cooler and comfortable than it was ever before.

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