Eat Mangoes Before Monsoon Starts

There is no doubt that monsoon is a welcome relief from scorching summer. But that also means the end of mango season. So, if you love mangoes, then eat them before it starts raining, because mangoes get spoiled and even some tiny insects invade mangoes once it starts raining.

When it starts raining mangoes tend to fall on the the ground and sometimes they are not fully ripened and these half-ripened mangoes are sold in the market that don’t taste good. You can also find tiny dark spots on the flesh of the mango that indicate that some tiny insects (harmful fungi and bacteria) have made their home into the mangoes after they fell on the ground. Fruits with such marks should not be eaten.

This is not to scare you, but to caution you, so that you don’t fall sick. In next two weeks eat mangoes and quench your thirst for them, so that you will not miss mangoes till the next summer. I am on my way to pick my favourite fruit, what about you?

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