Monsoon Rains May Hit Hyderabad in the Second Week of June

Day-by-day it is becoming really difficult to bear the scorching summer heat. People are waiting for the monsoon’s arrival, as it can bring some relief from this extreme hot weather.

Mercury nearly touched 44 degrees and it is becoming unbearably hot. With the rise in mercury, may people have died due to heatstroke and with the news going around about number of people dying, people are afraid to leave the house.

Roadways in the city wore a deserted look due to rise in temperature. People prefer to stay indoors and wait for monsoon.

According to the Met Department, monsoon is expected to arrive in the city in the second week of June. Though the exact date cannot be predicted.

Generally, monsoon arrives either in the last week of May or first week of June, but this time the arrival of monsoon has become a bit late.