Power Cuts Back in Hyderabad

With the rise in temperature, power cuts are back again in the city. The CPDCL (Central Power Distribution Company Limited) has announced one hour power cut duration in Greater Hyderabad from today.

The CPDCL chairman stated that the sudden rise in temperature had increased the demand of power supply, due to which they had to impose the one hour power cut.

In Greater Hyderabad the 1 hour power cut will be between 12 pm and 3 pm.

Two days ago, the power demand in Greater Hyderabad ranged from 1,600 MW to 1,800 MW, but suddenly it rose to 2,100 MW by Friday. With the mercury crossing 40 degrees Celsius the power cuts will probably stay throughout May and if the situation worsens there may be an increase in power cut durations.

Source: The Times of India