Power Fluctuations? Protect Your Expensive Equipment with Stabilizers

Power cuts are common in Hyderabad and the city witnesses frequent power cuts and voltage fluctuations (high or low voltage) that may damage electrical or electronic equipment, especially at time of power cut or when the power comes back. In order to safeguard your expensive equipment from voltage fluctuations, you need to use voltage stabilizers that control voltage fluctuations.

In a day, power goes and comes back at least twice a day. In a month, the equipment can face voltage spikes (fluctuations) for about 60-75 times. To prevent high/low voltage spikes, it is better to use stabilizer for your expensive equipment. If you were planning to buy a stabilizer and did not do it, do it immediately, otherwise your electronic device may get spoilt.

Safeguard your equipment with stabilizers
Stabilizers reduce/increase voltage based on the problem within their operating voltage and provide power supply of good voltage. High/low voltage is harmful to your electronic devices; it can damage the equipment. During high/low voltage, stabilizers do not supply power to the electrical or electronic equipment.

How stabilizers work?
Voltage stabilizers regulate voltages that come from AC power lines and work on the principle similar to transformers. The circuit of a stabilizer consists of voltage sensors that are designed in such a way, that they can sense and detect risky input voltages. As soon as it detects risky voltages, it immediately perks up electrical relays connected to it which in turn activates appropriate wiper terminals to correct and control the voltage levels within a specified range. Thus the equipment which is connected to the output terminal of the stabilizer is safer with constant voltage level.

So, be patient if the stabilizer is taking a few extra moments before supplying power because during high/low voltages, stabilizers do not supply power to the electrical/electronic equipment. This is a safety measure to protect your equipment from fluctuations that are common once power comes back.

Thus, to protect your costly equipment like TVs, refrigerators, music systems, microwave ovens, air coolers, etc. during voltage fluctuations, you need to use voltage stabilizers. Don’t think it is a waste of money by purchasing stabilizer. With small investment on stabilizers, you can protect expensive electrical/electronic equipment. Even though some electronic appliances now-a-days are coming with in-built stabilizers, you need to use stabilizer for safety of your investment.