Hyderabad Roads Choked With Traffic

In the last few years, Hyderabad has witnessed a huge growth in population and in number of vehicles. Population grew by 24 per cent and rise in number of vehicles was nearly 230 per cent.

Due to the increasing population there is rise in vehicles and space on the roads is getting jammed with vehicles. And with the Metro construction and other works that have encroached the road space, it is becoming even more difficult for vehicles to move smoothly.

Presently, there are nearly 34 lakh vehicles in city, of which 23 lakh are private vehicles including 2 wheelers and 4 wheelers. The total per cent of 2 wheelers in city is about 25 per cent and 4 wheelers is about 28 per cent. There are nearly 453 vehicles per 1,000 individuals in Hyderabad.

Compared to other metropolitan cities in terms of road space, Hyderabad has very less road space. Even outskirts of the city is facing high traffic density due to heavy commercial vehicles.

The government is considering to levy heavy taxes on personal vehicles once the Metro Rail is completed, as to reduce traffic and discourage use of personal vehicles.

The concept of car-pooling can also be considered, but very few people in Hyderabad know about it, if this concept applied, it will not only save fuel, but the city space roads will be free of traffic.

Source – Deccan Chronicle