Prices of Vegetables Skyrocket

Vegetable prices have skyrocked in Hyderabad city. It’s becoming difficult for many citizens to buy vegetables at these costs. People who would buy 1 kg vegetables are now buying half kg and the ones that would buy half kg are now buying one-fourth kg.

If vegetable prices soar at this rate, then very soon people will be left with no other option but to minimize their consumption or have their meal without vegetables.

Seeing rising vegetable prices, especially tomato, many have stopped putting tomatoes in dal. Dal without tomatoes don’t taste good, but there is option left to cope with the soaring prices and balance the home budget.

It’s not only house wives that are facing the brunt, even mess owners who send meals to many corporate offices are using vegetable that are the cheapest among all. They are sending meal maker gravy, potato gravy or drumstick gravy. They are adding groundnuts or grated coconut to increase the volume.

These are some of the prices of key vegetables (per kilo) – Tomato Rs 60, Beans Rs 80, Green chillies Rs 60, Carrot Rs 50, Broad beans Rs 60, Capsicum Rs 60, Ridge Gourd Rs 40, Brinjal Rs 40 and Ladies finger Rs 40.

Source – Postnoon