Educated Middle Class Professionals in Hyderabad Will Be by and Large Unaffected by Telangana Decision

With the decision on Telangana State and Hyderabad, one section of people (from Telangana) are hoping changes in their life, while other section of people didn’t appreciate the decision. But, unlike these two sections there is another category of people who are untouched and unaffected by the decision and they are “Hyderabadis”. Everything will be same for them as before. Hyderabadis have seen many transformations in its history and are seasoned. For the same reason Hyderabadis, especially educated middle class professionals in Hyderabad, will be by and large unaffected by Telangana decision.Lets see why Hyderabad and educated professionals of Hyderabad are unaffected.

History of Hyderabad
Hyderabad was under the Asaf Jahi dynasty, which ruled Hyderabad state until a year after India got independence. Hyderabad was under the authority of the British but was not part of the direct British rule during the Nizam period. However, Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema regions were part of Madras Presidency of British India. When India got independence in 1947, Hyderabad state was under the rule of Nizam. The states of India were reorganized based on the languages and linguistic states were formed. Telugu speaking area of Hyderabad state known as Telangana, merged with Telugu speaking Andhra state to form Andhra Pradesh. Hyderabad then became the capital city of Andhra Pradesh.

Cosmopolitan City for Ages
Hyderabad region is independent from many centuries. Many dynasties such as like Sathavahanas, Kakatiyas, Qutb Shahi, Moghal, and Asaf Jahi (Nizam) have ruled the city. Hyderabad witnessed many cultural and economical developments and was regarded as cosmopolitan even before the independence. Hyderabad has been the meeting place of different cultural and linguistic traditions both from North and South India. People of Hyderabad have developed a distinctive culture, a mixture of both ancient Hindu and Muslim traditions.

PSU’s And Major IT Hub of India
After the formation of Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad became home to many PSUs manufacturing diverse products. Many internationally renowned defense and civil research establishments were established. Hyderabad has over 30 public sector undertakings of which 10 are central government undertakings. It has Navratna status PSU’s like BEL, BHEL, HAL and NMDC. Later in 90’s it became a major hub of IT industry. Not only people of Hyderabad or Andhra Pradesh, many from all corners of India and world work here. Even in the Nizam period, Parsis, Kayasthas and Maharashtrians were encouraged to join the civil service.

Choice of the People
It is one of the most welcoming cities in India for many people. Most of the people choose Hyderabad over other cities in India due to its civility, hospitality, courtesy and cosmopolitan nature. For example, Oracle has branches at Bangalore and Hyderabad in India. Any person, who wants to come back to India, will prefer Hyderabad to Bangalore. And many of the people from defense forces who get posted in Hyderabad have chosen to settle  down in Hyderabad post-retirement.

Language has never been a problem here. Historically, many of the rulers of Hyderabad had plural characters of language. People speak Hindi, Urdu, Telugu, a bit of Marathi and English. One can easily communicate with each other as every grown up usually know at least two languages.

As the city is located right at the center of the country, it is well connected to all parts in the North, South, East, and West. It is the preferred destination for businesses today and even in the past. Many traders from other kingdoms and countries used to come to Hyderabad to do commerce.

Moreover, it is the workplace for people of other states staying here for generations. Many people from states like Orissa, West Bengal, Kerala and other northern states have made it their home. It is a good destination for education and career for professionals irrespective of the state it is part of.

Supports the Whole Country
Today, Hyderabad has many public sector enterprises and big IT companies. Many IT majors are investing here. Foreign direct investment is also good in Hyderabad. It is one of the key business destinations with a good revenue output. So if affected, it has a huge impact on the economic growth or stock market of the country.

People of Hyderabad are educated, sensible and are least concerned about the current issue. Educated professionals are not affected by the consequences of the current issue. The minor sections of the people that will be affected are government servants working in secretariat etc., contractors or businesses based on political favors, businesses and employees working in non-professional companies.

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