Flag Hoisting on Independence Day and Republic Day in India

India’s two biggest festivals are Independence Day and Republic Day. Hoisting national flag is the most important event on these two days. National flag is unfurled across the nation at all government and non-government organizations by different officials. Let us see in this article who will hoist the national flag at national and state level on Independence Day and Republic Day.

Independence Day
Independence Day is celebrated on the occassion of India getting freedom from British rule on 15th August 1947.

    • National level

    • National flag is hoisted by political head of India, the Prime Minister at historical site Red Fort in Delhi. President do not hoist national flag on Independence day as he is a constitutional head and there was no constitution and President in India till 1950. Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawarharlal Nehru unfurled the national flag on 15th August 1947 (the first Independence Day).
    • 21 gun shots are fired in a honour of occassion.
    • Prime Minister then addresses the nation; many cultural events follow.
    • President addresses the nation on the eve of Independence day.
  • State level
    • Chief Minister of every state hoists the national flag in the capital cities of their respective state followed by parades and cultural events.

Republic Day
Republic Day is celebrated as constitution of India came into force on 26th January 1950 and India became republic.

  • National level
    • On every 26th January, consitutional head of India, the President unfurls national flag at Rajpath in New Delhi.
    • Parades of Indian army, National Cadet Corps and tableaus representing different states are other main events of the day which is a treat to watch.
    • Bravery of martyrs and heroes is remembered on this occassion and are awarded with Kirti Chakra and Ashoka Chakra by the President.
  • State level
    • In every state, the Governor of the state will unfurl the national flag.

All other ministers, high court chief justice and government officials will hoist national flags at their respective offices.

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