Hyderabad Peaceful After Telangana Formation Decision

Hyderabad remained calm and peaceful after the decision on the bifurcation of the state by formation of the new Telangana state was made.  The proposed Telananga state will be the 29th State of India and an ambitious date for creation of the state in 122 days has been set.

No protests in Hyderabad and City has been peaceful
There were no marches, bandh calls, rasta rokos or any protests in Hyderabad that disturbed the life of people living in the city.  Before the declaration of a separate Telangana state, pro-Telangana protest has consistently lead to disturbances in Hyderabad city which had experienced countless bandhs, marches, protests and what not.  This had led to closure of schools, offices, roads, etc., and disturbed the routine life of Hyderabad and also resulted into loss of crores of rupees.

This is totally in contrast with earlier attempts to curtail the pro-Telangana protests that had met with limited success.  An attempt to completely scuttle the ‘Chalo Assembly March’ in Hyderabad in June needed a total barricading and fortification of streets nearly 5kms on each side of the assembly.  Literally bringing the center city to a halt and inviting much criticism from Hyderabadi people of all walks of life.   At that time the restrictions were so severe that it was impossible to commute within the center of the city even with a two wheeler.

People positively attached with Hyderabad not bothered about Telangana formation decision
In Hyderabad, people from different states like Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Kerala, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh Bengal, Orissa, Jharkhand and from other states are living. They did not react much to this decision, because they are happy here and have a positive attachment with the city.

Even people from Rayalaseema and Costal Andhra are by and large who are in private jobs, especially professional companies, are not bothered about the decision.  A small number of people are disturbed, they are mainly  real estate speculators with large land banks, contractors doing business with government and government employees from Seeemandhra .

Whatever said and done, Hyderabad and Hyderabadis are calm and peaceful after the Telangana state formation decision was made unanimously by Congress Working Committee on July 30th, 2013 after the UPA coalition also endorsed the formation of the new Telangana state.  It is only the TV channels and Seemandhra politicians who are agitating the people’s minds.