What Will Be the New Capital For Seemandhra?

The UPA government has made an announcement of the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh on 30th July 2013. It has been said that Hyderabad will be the joint capital of both states (Telangana and Seemandhra) for 10 years. Seemandhra need to develop its own capital city during these 10 years. Since this announcement, many speculations and calculations about the new capital of seemandhra are in action.

There are many cities like Ongole, Vishakapatnam, Vijayawada-Guntur, Rajahmundry, Tirupati and Kurnool contesting to win the race of being a capital city. Let’s evaluate the pros and cons of each city.

Ongole seems to have more chances

  • Pros
    • Ongole with huge land bank of 50,000 to 80,000 acres of government land has more than enough land to construct a capital city.
    • Government has already acquired 30,000 acres of land in Ongole making it a favourite to be developed as a capital city.
    • Geographical location of Ongole, being in the centre of the new state would also be a factor to be considered.
  • Cons
    • The major drawback of Ongole that could be cited as a problem for being a capital city is severe drinking water problem.
      Also, there is no air connectivity to the city, which is important for a capital city.

Vishakapatnam, being located at one corner of the state is the only concern

  • Pros
    • Vishakapatnam, a second largest city of Andhra Pradesh has all elements that a capital city must have. Availability of land, developed infrastructure and cosmopolitan culture.
    • No other city in coastal Andhra has as many public sector units as Vishakapatnam.
    • It is also a major industrial, cultural and intellectual hub.
    • City has very good air, rail, road and sea connectivity. It already has an international airport, which can be developed into a full-fledged one.
    • Vishakapatnam has thousands of acres of land belonging to the state and central government.
  • Cons
    • The only major concern about Vishakapatnam is its location at the corner and making administration and accessing difficult to reach out to distant Rayalaseema regions.

Vijayawada – Guntur, already being a commercial capital would be a benefit

  • Pros
    • Vijayawada already being a commercial capital of Andhra Pradesh also stands strong in the race.
    • Locals say that the sprawling Acharya Nagarjuna University campus is best suitable to house the Legislature, Secretariat, Raj Bhavan and Government offices.
    • Already existing High Court bench would be a benefit.
    • Vijayawada has good road, rail, air and sea connectivity. It has the second biggest railway junction in the India and Asia’s biggest bus terminal and 250 year old Machilipatnam port. Gannavaram airport could be developed as an international airport.
  • Cons
    • Non availability of government lands and skyrocketing of real estate prices in the city are major drawbacks.
      Government will need to acquire lands from farmers and private parties to acquisite land and this might hit government hard in terms of cost.

Apart from these three major cities, there are also

  • Rajahmundry has 7,500 acres of reserve forest that can be utilized for building new capital and abundant water facility are projected as advantages of the city. However, non-availability of government land is the major issue.
  • Tirupati, with high land prices and located at extreme corner of the state does not make it a viable choice.
  • Kurnool, was once the capital city of Andhra State (present Andhra and Rayalaseema Region).

It is not an easy for a city to become a capital city. By considering many factors like availability of government lands, ability to reach out and administer whole state, connectivity from different parts of the state, Ongole have fairly good chances of becoming a capital city.

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11 Responses to “What Will Be the New Capital For Seemandhra?”

  1. mvkn rao

    Administration can be located at Rajahmundry and other directorates may be located in another city so that the employee housing and other ancillary infrastructure can be diversified so that the load or development is not concentrated at one place. We should learn the lessons from Hyderabad. Most important things we should keep in mind that while developing the capital or any other infrastructure, we should ensure fertile lands are not utilized for this purpose even reserve forest lands need to be protected keeping in view the environmental issues. Governemnt should develop hubs like industrial in Visakhapatnam, business hub in Vijayawada, agri marketing at East and West Godavari, educational at Guntur/ Visakhapatnam etc. Tirupati is already a religious center. Cuddapa and Kurnool can be considered for developing capital or for developing industries.

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  2. bhargavi

    Vijayawada – Guntur is the best place for the developing of new capital for Andhra pradesh.

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  3. kesava

    Vijayawada and guntur combined.

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  4. Ravishankar M

    Vizag is Best for Capital City. Why because it has so much of Land and developed infrastructure. It is corner of AP but so many capitals are in corner side like (Mumbai, Bangalore, Trivendrum, Chennai..etc)

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  5. Ganesh

    I Think Ongole is Best because it is nearest to Rayalaseema Region

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  6. Chinna Raju

    Develop all cities as govt offices are in one city and private sectors in one city and factories in one city in diff. way

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  7. johnson

    Capital need not be geographically centrally located. Hyderabad was made capital because of its infrastructure and scope for expansion, though not geographically centered for AP. It should have infrastructure already created and scope to expand further to accommodate the needs of a state capital. The area between visakhapatnam, Anakapalli, s.kota & vizianagaram is best suited in all aspects to be the world class capital.

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  8. Pavan

    Why can’t we plan to develop capital in a new place.Ongole is the best choice I guess

    Lets not repeat the same mistake what we have done previously by concentrating on the development of only Hyderabad. We will distribute the development all over the state.

    Hyderabad is overly populated & overly polluted

    Lets select ongole as a capital only for administration purpose.adn try to develop as a small city with very planned with good infra with some specialities like eco-frindly, slum free. Something special compared to other capital cities in India.

    Vizag as IT Hub as it already have a int’l airport and some other industries.

    Vijayawada – As it is already a business capital of AP no one can stop its development. As we know that vijayawada is very congested city. If it was made capital,it will make it worse

    One more thing guys,to develop a infra in ongole will take some time, in the meanwhile Vizag & VIJAYAWADA will be the best destination for all the investments.

    After 10 years, will have 3-4 best cities in AP. Never try to have a single large city with over population. Many over populated cities are not able to manage themselves

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  9. grao

    VIZAG had attained cosmopolitan status earlier than Hyderabad. All newly created states have been given the second biggest city as capital. Regarding location, which states have their capitals exactly in the middle? Where is Chennai, Mumbai or Banglore located in their States? For that matter, where is the capital of our country located in the country? In this age of information technology, location of a city does not matter but comes only next to other priorities.. Bheemunipatnam in Visakhapatnam is the oldest municipality in the country after surat. It flourished as a municipality when Hyderabad or Delhi or Mumbai or Chennai or Kolkata or Bangalore were not even municipalities. Vizag is known for its soft-spoken and peace-loving people.

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    • kumar

      lol!! Dear grao, Madras (Chennai) Corporation is the oldest municipal body of the Commonwealth of Nations outside the United Kingdom. It was formed in 1688 to control the powers of the Governor of Madras, Elihu Yale.The Corporation was created by a Royal Charter issued on 30 December 1687 by King James II.

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