RTC Crossroads – Look for Road in Potholes, Not Potholes in Road

Just 2-3 days of continuous rains and it totally changed the face of the roads in the Hyderabad city with a number of potholes at several spots. Many roads in Ameerpet, Tarnaka, Habsiguda, Dilsukhnagar, Ashoknagar, Musheerabad, got damaged and are full of potholes. People have to look for potholes in the roads while driving.

Look for road in potholes at RTC Crossroads
The situation on the Golconda Crossroads to RTC Crossroads is totally different. You have to look for road in potholes! The road is so damaged that I guarantee if you travel for two continuous weeks you will definitely get spondylitis. I bet there is no one fit enough in India, may be the entire world who will not get spondylitis.

Main road between Hyderabad – Secunderabad
The Musheerabad to RTC Crossroads road is the main road that connects Hyderabad and Secunderabad, thousands of people travel by this road. Everyday hundreds of RTC buses like 1, 2, 107, 102, 45, etc., go on this road. The Metro rail is also coming on this stretch.

Despite this, there is no sight of repair work being carried out to fix the potholes.

Test your patience driving on this road
You have to drive on this stretch to test your patience. Imagine you are in a hurry to go to office, you are at the RTC Crossroad junction and the green light is on – but because of the potholes you are unable to drive fast and by the time you are just about to drive away, it is too late as the red signal pops up. It is the height of patience testing. Don’t waste your time and money taking yoga or meditation classes. Just do this stretch a few times and you will learn the importance of patience.

Top to bottom – all officials are from ruling party at RTC ‘X’ roads
We are assuming that, the Corporator, MLA, MP, CM and PM, all are from the ruling party. Nobody is bothered about the main road. Looks like they have left the potholes unrepaired to test performance of the fancy SUVs purchased by various politicians using public funds.

How govt. can make huge money using this road – a great idea
New avenues of tax generation are the need of the hour with rupee already past 65 and tax revenues shrinking. I have a great idea for our GHMC commissioner/mayor/local leader. Believe me you can earn in crores using this road.

  • Lease it out to national and international SUV manufacturers; they will use this road as a demonstration track to test their SUV’s off-road abilities.
  • Or you can put Rs. 100 ticket for foreigners who want to enjoy a ride on this kind of road. It is really out of the world. Chiranjeevi, the Tourism Minister, can even release some ads.
  • Or you can offer this road for film shooting for stunts.

In today’s time of economic problem, this is a god sent opportunity to make money.

Don’t miss the fun – Disney rides in Hyderabad for free
There comes a time in life when you see so much in life that you reach Nirvana. Ordinarily, I would rant, cry and shoot out abuses. But there is a certain spirituality that I reached after driving on this road. I just stopped becoming negative and instantly my mind came up with this article.

So dear Hyderabadis, don’t miss this road trip. Go check it out! Take leave from office or bunk the class. It’s free for now, but everything could change very soon.

Update 31-Aug-13: It is with a great regret we announce that your opportunity to experience a wonderful ride on this road has ended. We have noticed that this road has been repaired. Lucky are those who really enjoyed a ride here. If more is done like this (repairing roads), we need to go to real Disneyland.

RTC Cross roads - road repaired RTC Cross roads - road repaired

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