Guidelines to Follow this Ganesh Chaturthi: Hyderabad Police

The Ganesh pandals have already been set in many localities all across the Hyderabad city. There is no street, no area and no locality that does not have a Ganesh pandal. Every nook and corner of the city is flooded with Ganesh idols. Every organizer should take necessary precautions to ensure safety and peace.

In order to make the event peaceful and successful, the Commissioner of Police has given some instructions (guidelines) to the organizers of the Ganesh pandals. Here they are:

Installation of Ganesh idols

  • No idol shall be installed on public thoroughfare road, pavement, etc.
  • Under the stage of Ganesh idol, there should not be any stock of unlawful objects.
  • Pandal shall not be used as a place for consuming alcoholic beverages, gambling or any other unlawful and anti-social activities.
  • There should be a specified parking space for devotees’ vehicles.
  • Parking space for devotees vehicles should be facilitated to the nearest specified distance.
  • To safeguard the Ganesh pandal, idol and other articles, a minimum of three volunteers shall be available round the clock at the pandal. The names of volunteers should be entered in the book maintained at the Ganesh pandal.
  • For all volunteers/organizers, ID cards are mandatory.

  • The required number of volunteers shall be made available to maintain queues of the devotees who visit the Ganesh for darshan.
  • Volunteers/organizers should allow devotees to pandal after strictly inspecting them.
  • The volunteers/organizers shall promptly inform the police of any incidents and matters of importance.
  • The pandal should be prepared using good material, so that it does not collapse due to heavy rush, wind and heavy rain. The roof should be covered with tarpaulins. There should not be any scope for animals to enter the pandal.
  • Organizers should use good quality wire for electrical fittings.
  • No serial lighting, decoration lighting or other decorations shall be made outside the Ganesh pandal.
  • Adequate care and caution shall be taken to ensure that no inflammable material or fireworks are kept at the Ganesh pandal. Precautions should be taken with regard to lamps lighted by oil.
  • Always keep emergency lamp in the pandal.
  • At the pandal, barricades should be built for devotees queue. Surroundings of the pandal should not have any soil dumps or garbage dumps.
  • Organizers must keep video cameras and CCTVs at the big pandals.
  • Forced Ganesh festival donations (Chanda) should be prohibited.
  • Bursting and throwing of crackers at public places and roads is strictly prohibited from 6am of August 29th, 2014 till 6pm of September 9th, 2014.

Conditions for the use of box type speaker

  • No speakers should be used without the permission of Local ACP.
  • Only one box type speaker shall be installed at the pandal, and installation of speakers shall be within the premises of the pandal. The noise levels should be kept within the permissible limits.
  • Loudspeakers and public addressing systems should not be used at night between 10pm and 6am as per directions of Supreme Court of India.
  • Loud speakers shall be used only for playing religious and devotional songs.
  • Loud speakers shall not be used for making political speeches/slogans or to provoke any person/group of persons.
  • No loud speaker shall be hired from a person who has not obtained separate clearance from the Asst. Commissioner of Police, to supply the loud speaker.
  • Use of loud speaker must not cause annoyance and inconvenience to the neighbours, educational institutions, hospitals and government offices.

Conditions for immersion procession

  • The vehicles carrying idols from areas adjoining of Hyderabad City should start early on main immersion day.
  • Vehicle being used for Ganesh immersion should be in a good condition.
  • Pandal owners or organizers should display the serial number (given by local DCP) to the front side of the vehicle.
  • Distinctive number allotted by the ACP should be displayed prominently on the vehicle.
  • No loud speaker shall be fixed to the vehicle used for carrying the idol for immersion.
  • Only specified number of idols should be carried in the vehicle. Idols given by the strangers for immersion should not be taken.
  • No person in the procession shall carry any sticks, swords, knives, fire arms, inflammable material or any other weapons.
  • Sticks used for carrying flags or decorations should not be more than 2 feet in length.
  • No fireworks shall be busted during the procession.
  • Vermillion (kumkum) or gulal shall not be thrown on the passers-by.
  • During the procession, strangers should not be allowed to enter into the vehicle.
  • Use of musical system with DJ on vehicles on the immersion day will not be permitted.
  • Every vehicle (involved) in immersion should have video camera.
  • List of participants during procession and the list of people travelling in the vehicle should be submitted to respective police station.
  • No political speeches/slogans shall be made from the vehicle along the route of the procession.
  • No person under the influence of alcohol or any other narcotic drugs shall be allowed in the vehicle carrying the Ganesh idol for immersion or in the procession.
  • The vehicle movement should not affect or cause any obstruction to free flow of traffic on the road.
  • The vehicle carrying the idol shall not be stopped near any place of worship causing obstruction to other vehicles and traffic.
  • No provocative speeches/slogans or provocative postures or banners or any other provocative acts which can hurt the feelings of any section of the public shall not be raised or displayed during the procession.

Note: For any information, contact local police or call these below numbers:

  • Control room number: 100
  • City control room number: 27852333

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