“We are what our thoughts have made us; so take care about what you think. Words are secondary. Thoughts live; they travel far.”

Though this is Swami Vivekananda’s quote, this clearly goes in context to what the big head of our Lord Ganesha signifies. Lord Ganesha’s big head conveys us to cultivate the habit of thinking big and positive. Big thinking is about predicting and foreseeing things rather than limiting oneself to smaller picture. Wisdom and crystal clear logic are the other things that signifies Lord Ganesha’s big head.

Big and positive thinking is a doorway to success
It is not our birth, not our education and not the job we are doing at the moment that is actually stopping us from achieving remarkable heights in life. It is our thoughts. Thoughts decide what a person is. You act the way you think and your actions decide where you will stand tomorrow in the crowd.

A good thinking is one which brings good changes in you, makes you acquaint with your strengths and gives you constant motivation to rise and push yourself towards greater and higher achievements with each passing hour. Big things are often achieved by small people who think big. This is the power and magic of thinking big and positive. Lord Ganesha is never mindful of his odd looks. He is worshiped by virtue of his qualities. So, think big just like Lord Ganesha and win your battles.

Wisdom and clear flow of logic gives way to actions
Wisdom is listed among the greatest of virtues. Wisdom comes when our thoughts are simple and logic is clear. Logic is like a river of clear water that decides the course of actions. So, it all starts with the thoughts and ends with actions. Coming to wisdom, it is the art of making correct judgements after analyzing the possible set of situations. Wisdom comes when you expose your mind to multitudes of situations and try to understand a simple logic that works in all situations. Once we understand the simplicity in things, we gain wisdom. It is the blend of wisdom and logic that helps in over coming challenges.

We all know the instance when Lord Ganesha tricked Ravana by placing the Atmalinga on the ground and how he managed to win the bet against his brother by acting smartly by deeming his parents as universe for him and did pradakshana around his parents three times. Lord Ganesha showed remarkable wisdom and logic through his acts.

Lord Ganesha wants us to be wise, logical and optimistic
Lord Ganesha, by virtue of his big head asks us to cultivate the art of thinking big, healthy and positive things logically. This will help us in achieving great heights of accomplishment, self improvement and acquiring new skills with time. This develops all round personality of an individual and creates a field of positive energy and vibes around you which will also influence others and society as a whole. A person with big thoughts and positive thinking is an asset to the society and helps in social and economic development of the country.

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