Study Reveals That Only 27% of Government Schools in Hyderabad Have Proper Toilets

Study by the Rajiv Vidya Mission (RVM) has revealed that only 27% of the toilets in government schools across Hyderabad are in a proper condition, and this is the main reason why hundreds of girl students are dropping out of schools.

According to the study, in 1,000 government and aided schools in the city out of the 2,127 toilets only 583 toilets are in a working condition. The construction of new toilets in the city is progressing very slowly, only 30 out of 632 toilets approved by RVM are being constructed. Making the matter even more worst, only 3 toilets out of the 240 new toilets for women sanctioned by RVM have been constructed.

It is not only lack of toilets in government schools, but there is also no water connection in some schools and drinking water facility. Parents are preferring unrecognised English medium schools instead of government schools and people who belong to poor sections of society are not sending their children to school.

Source – The Times of India