Achievement Seeking People Vs High Pay Seeking People

When it comes to a job, there are two kinds of people – achievement seeking people and high pay seeking people. We are seeing that many from Hyderabad and its surrounding areas (can say people from AP) are high pay seeking people.

May be because of the environment, many are getting into this mind-set. They mug up the syllabus till Intermediate and pass, easily get seat in engineering college, and then join an IT company. The road has been smooth. They assume they did a lot of hard work and now they have to relax and earn good money.

If you are a high pay seeking individual, you may have temporary satisfaction, but in the long run, you will always be a failure and unhappy.

Achievement Seeking People
Immediate Returns Long-Term Returns
  • Chooses profession that he is interested in
  • More job satisfaction
  • Less salary
  • Creates a trend
  • May struggle at the start of the career
  • Good position
  • Pressure from outside – parents, friends and relatives on why chose that profession
  • Professional
  • Earns respect
  • Can be a game changer
High Pay Seeking People
Immediate Long-Term
  • Chooses profession that gives good salary – chooses a job profile that everybody is into
  • No job satisfaction
  • More salary
  • Follows the trend
  • No struggle
  • Loses respect of others because he keeps on changing jobs for high pay
  • Initially, more respect from family, friends and outside world

  • Mercenary attitude (will do anything for money)

Knowingly or unknowingly, many people get in to high pay seeking category, just to earn big amount. Though they are not satisfied with the job, they prefer sticking to the job, so that they get good money. Whereas, we have the other group, the achievement seeking people who do not get carried away with money, for them job satisfaction stands on the top priority.

But, let me tell you from my experience, achievement seeking people are the ones who will succeed and grow in future; they are the ones who believe in achievement and not in fortune. So, decide for yourself, do you want to be part of high pay seeking people or part of achievement seeking people. The choice is yours!

Examples of achievement seeking people (3 big names of college drop outs who are changing or have changed the world):

Steve Ballmer:
He was till recently the CEO of Microsoft. Prior to joining MBA, Steve Ballmer worked at Procter & Gamble as an assistant product manager. He dropped out of Stanford MBA program to become Microsoft’s 30th employee, hired by Bill Gates as the first business manager. He joined Microsoft in the year 1980 and since then he has headed various Microsoft divisions, including operating systems development, operations and sales and support.

Steve Jobs:
The co-founder and CEO of Apple was a college dropout, not many people knew that he was a dropout. He started Apple along with his fellow dropout Steve Woznail in a garage. Steve Jobs greatest achievements are the PC revolution, the mouse and graphical user interface, portable digital music, iTunes, computer-animated movies, chain of Apple retail stores, iPhone, iPod, iPad tablet and the list is endless.

Bill Gates:
Billionaire, founder and first chairman of Microsoft, Bill Gates is a drop out of Harvard Law School. Bill Gates’ father had the biggest law firm in Seattle and he could have just continued in Harvard, get the degree and join a fairly successful law firm called, Preston Gates & Ellis, LLP and settle down very early and very comfortably. But instead he chose to do something he liked, computer programming and scaled great heights.

These millionaires or billionaires had come up with a good idea, though initially they had to struggle, but they took up the challenges because they were confident about their strengths. It may have taken some time for them to make their dreams a reality, it’s worth it.

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