Is It Time to Stop Continuing Hyderabadi Humour?

For years, people have heard and said about Hyderabadi humour, a unique comedy style where you make fun of yourself to entertain others. A poor man’s shayri is Hyderabadi comedy. Hyderabadi comedy was quite popular and many used to appreciate it nation and worldwide. But of late, it is slowly becoming counter productive – not because this comedy is no longer entertaining but because there is lack of quality audience who have the standard to understand this comedy.

Of late, while discussing with my friends, I came through an interesting observation. I observed that many of them who are not from Hyderabad often crack jokes on others based on the other party’s physical appearance or weakness. Nothing wrong with my friends, they are all good people, but are highly influenced by our Telugu movies/movie stars.

Tollywood vs Hyderabadi comedy
What’s wrong with Tollywood movies? The hero sadistically makes fun of others (typically comedians). This is insult comedy. The hero will never make fun of himself. The comedian has to suffer taking all the nonsense from the hero; and it’s popular – how is it acceptable? This clearly shows lack of civilization and courtesy. Making joke of others to feel good is not cosmopolitan – this is not good.

If you really see, rarely date there is no Tollywood movie (very less movies) where a hero makes fun of himself. They feel it is unacceptable and they feel insecure to do this (leave about comedy, they can’t even try making a movie where hero dies/gets beaten up!). What does it inculcate?

Humility vs show put up
Hyderabadi comedy on the other hand is self-depreciating – people of Hyderabad have the ability to laugh at themselves, and believe me this is not easy. It takes a lot of courage, willpower, guts and talent to do this. Hyderabadis don’t have any ego problems or insecurity while being laughed at.

The ability to laugh at yourself allows the opportunity to embrace your flaws, promote self-acceptance and shows your humbleness, and this is what Hyderabadi people are, not like our Tollywood heroes they do more of show put up. This shows sense of insecurity in them.

It is becoming like Tana Shah’s story (It will not take much of your time!).

Abul Hasan Qutb Shah, the last ruler of the Qutb Shahi dynasty, was known as Tani Shah, meaning ‘benevolent ruler’. He was a pious and compassionate person known for tackling the most daunting situations with relative ease. His popularity among Golconda nobility had increased with time. To suppress his popularity, Aurangzeb, a Mughal, (there was a treaty with Mughals at that time) launched a propaganda campaign against Tana Shah. Aurangzeb along with his supporters spread ill repute and myths on Tana Shah to transform this gentle, friendly and much adored king into a mean, sensualistic and characterless person – they spread the word ‘Tana Shahi’ as a synonym for ‘manmani’, which became acceptable and common as Urdu and Hindi idiom.

Why I am telling this story? All good Hyderabadi humour is being dominated by sarcastic comedy or insult kind of comedy propagated by Tollywood folks (thanks to influx of migrants to the city who watch only Tollywood movies). My friends watch these movies and think this is comedy. They try to become a hero/heroine by insulting others in front of the crowd.

They think people doing Hyderabadi comedy are cheap; people are taking at face value.

Remember, self-depreciating comedy by Hyderabadies does not indicate that they don’t have self-respect. It’s not that Hyderabadi people are cheap. It takes a lot of courage, self-confidence and creativity to do it.

Lastly, when people are not appreciating Hyderabadi humour, is it still a good idea to continue? Is this ultra-humility really necessary where people are just looking for some sadistic pleasure?

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