Hyderabadi Humour – A Sign of Self-Confidence, Humbleness and Sense of Security

Whether it is Javed Jaffrey’s commentary in Takeshi’s Castle or any comedian playing a Hyderabadi role in a movie, one common thing you will find is the popular and well-known Hyderabadi slang. But do you know that more than the slang, it is the ability to crack jokes on themselves makes Hyderabadis a class apart.

Humour was culturally cultivated from the period of Quli Qutub Shah
It is believed that humour took its roots in Hyderabad during the period of Quli Qutub Shah, the founder of Hyderabad city. Quli Qutub Shah as a king had a great sense of humour; he used to crack jokes on himself and made people laugh. The humour started during the Quli Qutub Shah period still continues.

Shows self-confidence and sense of security
Unlike the types of comedy where you laugh at other’s pain, Hyderabadi humour is self-depreciating – make fun of yourself to make others laugh. Along with good knack of comedy and timing, it requires a great confidence on yourself and of course courage – believe me you need to have guts to do it.

Hyderabadis’ self-depreciating comedy doesn’t mean that they demean themselves. In fact, their comedy shows that rather than being reserved or insecure, Hyderabadis are capable of understanding their strengths and weaknesses and are comfortable with them.

Shows humbleness
They say people who do not react (in a negative way) to criticism, accusations, or insults are humble. If this is the case what do you say about Hyderabadis who self-inflict all these to make you laugh? Aren’t they humble?

Hyderabadi comedy in short shows Hyderabadis’ openness, self-discipline, self-confidence, humility.

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