Not an Inch Made Available for New Generation Jobs in Hyderabad City Centre

There is a lot of space available in the city centre, but it is not being utilized properly to create new professional jobs in Hyderabad city. Not to forget, only good jobs can change the face of the Hyderabad city.

Sadly, all the professional jobs are getting created in the city outskirts and not in the city centre, they are mostly in Hitech City, Gachibowli, Pocharam and other areas. Some companies that were earlier located in city centre have also moved to city outskirts forcing people to spend hours daily in commute to work.

Just to quote an example, my friend who stays in ECIL has to travel at least four hours a day to go to work at Gachibowli. He took a flat in ECIL, as the real estate prices were reasonable in areas around ECIL. Buying a flat in city centre or Gachibowli is unimaginable for him and for many of us. Why people are forced to go outskirts to work when there is a lot of space in city centre where companies can be set up?

Lot of space available in city centre
There is a lot of space that is lying vacant, for instance the defunct DBR Mills, Goshmahal, NTR Garden (why don’t they put it in the city outskirts?), NTR Stadium, Azamabad industrial area to name a few. Even the RTC has lot of land at VST. If these spaces are used in establishing new companies, a good number of new jobs can be created.

Professional businesses should be encouraged to set up businesses in city centre
Professional businesses have the ability to create new jobs and profitable growth in city centre. Professional small businesses are the backbone of many developed countries like USA and Germany. In Hyderabad city, professional businesses should be supported to get a piece of land, build an office and run it without any obligations or restrictions.

It is not only vacant spaces that can be used; there are many commercial complexes in the city centre where only ground floors are used by retail stores. All the other floors are vacant. These can be used for setting up professional businesses.

Remember, this is an important aspect to be considered to make Hyderabad city a vibrant city.

Without jobs city centre will decay
If there is no push to create new jobs in city centre, the city will decay. There will be no progress and no economic development in the city centre if all the jobs are created in outskirts of the city.

We need to save the city from decaying and for this, we need to focus on how to utilize the vacant space for generating professional jobs. Vacant spaces in city centre should be transformed or revitalised into new emerging companies.

In our next article, we will talk about the neglected areas of Hyderabad city centre and why Hyderabad doesn’t have skyscrapers in the city centre.

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