Going Green – A Challenge for GHMC

The areas that were part of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) before had plenty of greenery as colony parks, public parks, etc. The parts that were merged later to GHMC lack greenery. There are more than 800 tree parks and colony parks in the GHMC zones. The Central zone has 212 colony parks and covers 83.31 acres. The West zone that just has 58 parks and North zone has planned greenery of only 22.52 acres.

Plots that are undeveloped show up as open spaces in layouts and there are 892 such open spaces. The Central zone is also home to many major parks that are maintained by authorities of GHMC covering total of 267 acres. This zone also has theme parks. The reason is availability of open spaces, says an official of GHMC. The Central zone and some parts of North and South zone, which were constituted earlier have a large portion of Government lands.

GHMC is planning to develop greenery in the areas that are identified as open spaces. Out of 141 total parks planned in the GHMC, 60 are for West zone, where plenty of space is available. Two other major parks are also proposed, one in South zone and other in West zone.

Source – The Hindu