Hyderabad, Another Smog City in India?

Hyderabad may become another smog city in India like Delhi. The ambient air quality is decreasing day-by-day due to increased pollution in the city.

Pollutants like dust and other particles will convert into fog with the drop in temperatures during winters. This is because pollutants are not dispersed and remain in the lower levels of the atmosphere when temperature is low. Increased amount of pollutants in the lower layer of the atmosphere causes decrease in wind speed. Decrease in the speed of wind leads to formation of fog.

Andhra Pradesh Pollution control Board (APPCB) recorded respirable suspended particulate matter (RSPM) in three areas Charminar, Punjagutta and Abids at 194, 146 and 120 mu grams per cubic meter, while at national level the permissible limit is only 100 mu grams per cubic meter. Also, the total suspended particulate matter in the city is estimated to be 270 mu grams per cubic meter, while it has to be only half according to national standard.

ENT specialists are warning that if the present situation continues, it would lead to extreme health problems of the citizens.

Source – Deccan chronicle