New Security Feature Gets Added to Passports

The ministry of external affairs has suggested the new security feature ‘letter screen image’ (LSI) that will be implemented in passports. This feature will try to eliminate replacement of data and photographs in passports.

Passports with phantom image was already launched by the ministry in April, the LSI is a minor modification to this image. A senior RPO official stated that, the new feature added to the applicant’s passport can only be figured out by the immigration officials and passport staff.

The first two pages and the last two pages of the passport would be laminated. The signature and the seal of the authority will be on the first page. On the second page the applicant’s photograph will appear. Other information such as address will appear on page 35.

The image will contain personal data such as applicant’s full address, passport seven digit numbers, date of birth and name. It is impossible to tamper the image with the new LSI feature. However immigration and passport authorities can access the information at the time of passport verification.

Source – TimesofIndia