From This Year No Dissection for BiPC Practical Exams

Students of Intermediate science stream appearing for practical exams this year need not do dissection of cockroaches, earthworms, frogs, etc. The Board of Intermediate Education has taken a decision to abolish dissection as per the directions of Union Environment Minister and University Grant Commission.

From this year, parts of the insects will be drawn by the students on the paper, and identification of parts will be done through the slides on the display board.

Practical exams carries 30 marks. This include five marks for dissecting insects and other five marks for drawing and identifying insects parts.

According to the new system, now six marks will be given for drawing, 14 marks for identification of the insect parts displayed through slides, five marks for practical records and five marks for practicals.

Further, the board has decided to introduce instructional tools in colleges like CDROM’s with specialized interaction, videos of experts performing dissection, etc.

Source – Deccan Chronicle & Andhra Everyday

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