Road Widening in Old Hyderabad

The GHMC (Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation) has decided to widen the road in four key stretches in the Hyderabad Old City, which is likely to give relief to motorists. The widening process will start once acquiring the properties for work closes.

The four stretches where widening of roads is proposed are Yakatpura to Rein Bazaar Chamman, Zohrabi Durgah to Habeebnagar (2 km), Chandrayangutta to Barkas Peeli Durgah, and DRDL junction Chandrayangutta flyover.

There are 498 properties in all to be affected. Compensation to the property is to be paid according to government rules.

They further say that on Zohrabi Durgah stretch property acquisition is difficulty because of maximum number of buildings. The GHMC expect to acquire close to 300 properties on Zohrabi Durgah stretch. The existing 30 feet roads are to be made into 60 feet or 80 feet depending on the location.

On the Chandrayangutta Barkas stretch, out of 135 properties 111 properties have been acquired, on the DRDL stretch 40 of 56 properties have received compensation.