Christmas Tree, Star, Bells…What do They Signify?

Christmas is about fun, joy, happiness, gifts, carols. Children really enjoy the eve. We can’t find a house without a Christmas tree beautifully decorated with bells, stars, wreaths and lot more. But amid all these celebrations and fancy things, we somehow miss the true spirit the festival conveys every year.

Especially for kids, if adults won’t take the responsibility in conveying the symbolism behind the customs and traditions of the festival, the true message will be lost somewhere between the fancy things. Teach your kids what things truly represent. Continue reading to know about them.

Christmas Tree
The fir tree is usually used as a Christmas tree. The tree is bright green in color and remains green throughout the year. This unchanging color represents the everlasting hope of mankind. It points to high, representing we should aim high.
Christmas Star
The star represents a sign of promise and the fulfillment of promise. Teach your kids the importance of honoring a promise.
Christmas Red
Red is the color of Christmas. It is deep, intense and vivid. It represents life-giving blood and reminds us to be thankful to God for the life we got.
Christmas Bells
The bell symbolizes guidance and return. Just like the lost sheep are guided to safe place by the sound of the bell, we should also be under the right guidance.
Christmas Candle
The soft glow of candle light represents removing darkness and filling the world with light which is knowledge. Teach children to overcome ignorance which is nothing but darkness with a light of knowledge.
Christmas Wreath
The beautiful wreath made fresh, fragrant greenery represents bond of perfection.
Christmas Santa Claus
Santa comes with gifts to kids to fill happiness and joy in their tender hearts. It is also said that he classifies the gifts for nice and naughty kids. To well-behaved children he gives good gifts which signifies the importance of being obedient and humble to get good things in life. He also signifies giving and the joy of doing it.

Once you start teaching all these things to kids the festival becomes even more meaningful and you can take the pride in passing the teaching to the next generations so that they stop getting carried away by the fancy ideas and remember the symbolism every year.

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