Rising Cases of Madras Eye (Conjunctivitis) in Hyderabad

Conjunctivitis, an eye disease, also known as Madras Eye has broken out in Hyderabad, and the number of cases is rising. Conjunctivitis is caused by virus named ‘adenovirus’.

Viral conjunctivitis is highly contagious, that is, it spreads fast from one person to another. Viral conjunctivitis stays there in the eyes for a week and may extend up to 10 days.

Medical experts say, the viral eye disease has become seasonal. In cold weather, the virus grows fast in number. The current spell of cold weather is ideal for the growth of this virus. People are therefore, advised to take precautions.

The symptoms of this disease include eyes becoming reddish and watering, irritation, swelling in eyelids, mild pain and discomfort in the eyes.

In some cases, conjunctivitis may damage the cornea (the front part of the eye) and make the person blind.

Doctors generally prescribe eye drops and advise to take sufficient rest. The eyes come to normal themselves (without using any medicine) after a few weeks.

People suffering from conjunctivitis should make sure not to touch their eyes and shake hand hands with others. Also, make sure not to share infected person’s towels, hand kerchief, etc.

Also, non-infected people should use disinfectants available in market to prevent the virus to affect them.

Source – The Hindu