Famous Food Items of Hyderabad

When thinking of Hyderabad, one thing that strikes our mind is the rich and exotic cuisine. Hyderabad cuisine is renowned the world over for its unique dishes from mouth-watering Biryani to lip smacking Kebabs. Hyderabad cuisine stands apart in taste, texture and aroma. While you are in Hyderabad city, don’t miss the opportunity of tasting these delicious dishes of Hyderabad.

Hyderabadi Biryani
Hyderabad biryaniPrepared with unique recipe and style, Hyderabadi Biryani is the most popular dish of Hyderabad. It has a distinct aroma. Mutton/chicken is marinated with spices for a couple of hours and covered with half cooked rice and put on dum (slow cooking process). Biryani is served with mirch ka salan (chilly curry) and dahi ki chutney (curd mixed with chopped onions, green chillies and coriander). Best places to try Biryani in Hyderabad are Paradise restaurant in Secunderabad, Hotel Shadab in old city and many local restaurants serve this food.

Paaya (Smoked legs of lamb/goat cooked in spicy gravy)
paaya recipe_(150x110px)The feet/legs of the lamb are completely smoked or burnt until the hairy parts are burnt out. This is actually done by butchers. It is served hot with fluffy kulchas (Indian bread). If you are a non-veg lover, this is a must try dish, you will definitely love this dish. Popular places where this dish is served are Hotel Shadab in old city and Hotel Nayaab at Nayapul road.

Pathar ka Gosht
Pathar-ka-goshA classic Hyderabadi dish, Pathar ka Gosht is marinated overnight, and mutton is cooked on hot stone. The word “Pathar” in urdu means stone and “Gosht” means meat. It tastes best when served with parathas or kulchas. Best places to try this dish are Hotel Golkonda at Masab Tank and Sarvi Bakers and Restaurant at Mehdipatnam.

HaleemHaleem has a unique flavour and taste that is loved and relished by all. It is available in the month of Ramadan (holy month of Muslims). Haleem is a delicious stew and is prepared with mutton or chicken, along with ground wheat and ghee. The dish is topped with ghee and garnished with fried onions, chopped coriander and mint leaves. Famous places to try out this dish are Pista house, Shah Ghouse at Shah Ali Banda and you can also find many haleem stalls at various places in the month of Ramadan.

kebab_(150x110px)Kebab is made from minced meat or chicken with added spices, coriander and green chillies. It is grilled and served with pudina (mint leaves) chutney. Best places to try kebab are Paradise restaurant in Secunderabad, Hotel Shadab in old city and many restaurants offer kebab as starters.

chaatChat is a mixture of gram beans, chana, potato pieces and spices. Most popular chat items are samosa chat, cutlet/aloo chat, dahi puri, papdi chat and pav bhaji.

Gokul chat is a popular hangout for chat items and for years it has maintained consistency and taste. When you visit this place, you will surely want to visit again.

Irani Chai
irani chai_(150x125px)Visit to Hyderabad is incomplete without having a sip of Irani chai. It is one of the specialities of Hyderabad. Irani chai is prepared with condensed milk and tea leaves. It’s thick creamy taste remains in our mouth and is often served with osmania biscuit.

Places to try out Irani chai are Blue sea and Alpha hotel at Secunderabad, Shah Ghouse restaurant at Shah Ali Banda and near the courtyards of Mecca Masjid at Farasha Irani cafe.

Double ka Meetha (Bread pudding)
Double-ka-meethaAn exotic desert, double ka meetha is prepared with bread. The bread is deep fried until it gets golden brown, soaked in milk and sugar syrup and is garnished with dry fruits. It is a very popular sweet dish of Hyderabad.

Khubani ka Meetha (Apricot sweet)
khubani ka meethaPrepared with apricot and boiled in sugar syrup, Khubani ka Meetha is served with ice cream, thick cream or custard.

Hyderabadi dishes are delicious and are popular dishes in the world. With such amazing authentic dishes, your taste buds are really in for a treat.