Hyderabad City Taxes Moving Out to Outskirts, Thanks to Our Predatory Elites

Living in city centre of Hyderabad are we paying taxes for the development of the outskirts? Where are our taxes going? We are paying taxes, but work is not being done. More than 70% of sales tax in Hyderabad division is from Abids and Secunderabad.

Why is it that every time we step out of the house we get to see overflowing sewage, filling the road with water that gives a foul smell. Then not to mention the traffic congestion, dust pollution and bad roads. There are new foot over bridges in the main city.

Why is it that our taxes are not at work? Who is it to blame? Well, they are the predatory elites, the so called VIPs and VVIPs of our city that include corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, socialites and crony businesses men.

They live in areas that are away from city centre like Banjara Hills, Hitec City, Jubilee Hills, Madhapur, to mention a few. They don’t care about our city, nor its people because none of these people live in city centre. Drawing power from their base in their native districts they stay at the part of town closest to high way leading to their home town.

Through influence these elites make sure that the above mentioned areas are very well maintained and clean, and people living in and around these areas are in a comfort zone. It’s a shame on these predatory elites to be unfair.

The city outskirts get all the privilege when compared to city centre, from laying of new roads to repair of damaged roads, well maintained street lights to 24 hours supply of water. The taxes are collected here and spending is there. This is very unjust.

Even the number of people cleaning the sewerage lines is more in Hitec City. Whereas, the number compared to city centre is almost half of it. Every time there is a overflow of sewage in my locality, the work is not done immediately even after repeated complains, it’s only after 3 or 4 days the sewerage cleaners get the lines cleared.

People living in city centre are more, most of the revenue is generated from city centre, then why is it that city centre is badly neglected. Things are going beyond control and it’s high time it has to be corrected, otherwise very soon these predatory elites will see a shift in people, which will shaken them up completely.