More Kite Flyers in Hyderabad this Year

kites hyderabad skiesPeople of Hyderabad city had a good time this year flying kites. Weather was good and the number of people flying kites was lot more this year compared to last year. It was up by about 40%.

The good thing is the prices of kites did not increase. A dozen of one pound kites were priced Rs.144 this year and it is the same price for last three years in some wholesale shops at Dhoolpet and Begum Bazaar. Whereas, the price of water bottle increased from Rs. 12 to Rs. 20 in last three years.

kites-skyline-2Even manja was very cheap. Earlier one geeti used to be Rs.50 and this year one full charak was priced around Rs.400. There was demand for manja from Gujarat and Kolkata, when compared to local manja. Now that the price of manja came down, nobody is really cutting the thread. You should have seen the desperation of people few years back to get back the manja after they lose their kite in kite fight – after all manja was costly. Today, nobody is bothered.

kites-skyline-3Coming back, people have fully enjoyed the kite flying sport this year. Many got four to five continuous holidays. Still this Saturday and Sunday are there. A holiday on 26 January (Republic Day) is also coming. A kite flying festival is being organised near Gandipet this year on 26th January. All professionals and people who sell kites come there to fly kites. So, you will get to see some really good competition. You too can go there to fully enjoy kite flying this year.