Some Indian Satire Websites

Are you looking for some Indian satire websites that can make you laugh and think? This is an initial list that needs update.  Check out the new age satire, parody, spoof, humor, jokes websites that are guaranteed to entertain you.

Here are some random Indian satire sites offering funny and hilarious stories on politics, entertainment, sports, business, opinions and more.

1. Faking News
News satire website that covers politics, cricket, business, entertainment and more

2. The UnReal Times
Satire, spoof and humour portal offering stories on politics, cricket, showbiz, world news and much more

3. News That Matters Not
News satire website that publishes fake news on political drama, society, education, showbiz, media, future news and more

4. News Laundry
Media critique website

5. The India Satire
Satire website that covers politics, entertainment, sports, business, economy, society, opinion and everything else worth satirizing

6. Indian Bullshit
A satirical blog that focuses on political developments in India

7. Mocking Now
News satire website that covers cricket, politics, entertainment, opinion and miscellaneous

8. Khabarbaazi
Featuring satirical articles in Hindi on politics, sports, media, society and more